March came in more like a lamb than a lion this year and a group of Scouts from Troop 75 enjoyed the near-perfect weather on the weekend of March 4-5 on a backpacking trip to Harriman State Park.

A science fair, NYSMA tryouts, SAT prep classes and a variety of other events combined to limit the crew to only three Scouts -- Tim, Jim and Nick. They were joined by Mr. Buono, Mr. Carlson and Mr. O'Brien.

The day started cool and windy as we set out from the trailhead at Lake Skannatati. Once into the woods the wind died down, and the steep climb over the first quarter mile quickly banished all feelings of chill. When we reached the top the trail was pleasant and level with several nice overlooks, streams and even a small waterfall, leading eventually to the multi-way trail junction known as Times Square. Two more trail junctions later, as we neared Bald Rocks, we spotted a pair of deer not far off the trail. They froze, as did we, and we watched each other for a while. Eventually they must have decided we were no threat and they started moving around again, but always cautiously, freezing and looking up any time one of us moved or spoke.

The morning organization that we had learned recently seemed to fail us on Sunday and we left the campsite a good hour later than we planned. Nonetheless, we were back at the trailhead by late morning, time enough to enjoy a second breakfast at the famed Red Apple Rest and still return home before 1 PM.

All in all, the weather was perfect, the trail was fine, the views were enjoyable and all of those present had a great time. The only disappointment was that so few Scouts had come along and so many had missed out on a great weekend.

- Mr. Carlson



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