This year's scheduled canoe trip on the Delaware River turned into a rafting event because of cool, rainy weather.  When six Scouts and five adults gathered at Key Food early Saturday morning the temperature was in the forties with a light drizzle.  By the time we arrived at our cabin in Ten Mile River Scout Reservation near Narrowsburg, NY, conditions had only gotten worse and there was talk of staying off the river completely.  Troop 75 Scouts, however, are not prone to let weather get in the way of their outdoor activities, so most of the group decided to take to the river on rafts despite the rain and unseasonably cold temperatures.

With the river running much higher than normal, we decided on rafting instead of canoeing because of the probability that canoes would tip.  With the protection of wet suits, however, the fifty-degree temperatures did not stop a splash fight between the two rafts which ended with a few guys in the water anyway.  Luckily the rain had stopped by the time we reached the river in early afternoon, but a strong wind combined with the cold made the final stretch of our eight-mile trip rather uncomfortable.  Everyone enjoyed themselves nonetheless, and by late afternoon we were relaxing in the warmth of our luxurious heated cabin.  In addition to heat, this cabin provided hot running water, a shower, electricity, and a gas stove.  These amenities are of course not the Troop 75 norm (all the tent sites had been taken when the reservations were made), but with the weather being what it was, we were glad to have it.

SPL Mike B. provided us with an excellent hamburger dinner, cooked on charcoal outside the cabin.  After dinner, we took advantage of the cabin and the fact the five of the six guys were part of the boy leadership by taking time to lay out the 2000-2001 troop calendar.  We also used this time to discuss next year's troop meeting program and what could be done to boost Scout attendance.  Following the PLC meeting, most of the group enjoyed playing cards before retiring for the night.

Jim cooked a breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches for the group on Sunday morning.  With little to clean up and pack since we were staying in a cabin, we were on the road by a little after 9:00.  In addition to Mike and Jim, Scouts in attendance were Rob, Keith, Tom, and Tim.  They were joined by adults Chris Boundy, Mike Buono, John Carlson, Steve Johnston, and Tom O'Brien.  All in all, this small group had a good weekend despite the less-than-desirable weather.



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