For a week in late July, Troop 75 made its home at Camp Three Point in Yawgoog Scout Reservation near Rockville, Rhode Island.  Ten Scouts took part in this great week of fun and advancement.  Nineteen merit badges were earned in all, in addition to a host of other awards.

Rob C. and Mike S., who acted as S.P.L. and A.S.P.L. respectively for the week, spent much of their time at the reservation's newly refurbished challenge center working on the highly regarded COPE award.  COPE is an award reserved for those Scouts who demonstrate good working knowledge of the high ropes challenge course.  They also earned the challenging Climbing merit badge (which is new to Yawgoog this year).  Keith J. and Chris R., in addition to completing all of their merit badges, put their hiking experience to work by earning the Hiker of Yawgoog award, which requires that a camper hike every trail on the reservation.  Billy D., who started out the week as a "beginner" swimmer, went back and earned his "swimmer" tag and by the end of the week had earned his Swimming merit badge.  He also completed his last few requirements for Tenderfoot along with his Scoutmaster Conference and is currently awaiting a Board of Review.  Nice work, Bill!  Dan S. made good use of his week by earning four badges, the most of everyone in the troop this year.  Matt C., Andrew R., and Tom O. also came home with at least one merit badge apiece.

Summer camp is more than just individual accomplishments.  Throughout the week, the troop participated in just about all of the camp-wide and reservation-wide competitions.  On Wednesday, we baked a pineapple-upside-down cake for the Three Point baking contest, in which we placed among the top three troops.  The same can be said for Thursday night's scavenger hunt and the canoe regatta.  Chris R. put in a good effort at Friday's reservation-wide road race, and everyone tried their best at Saturday's swim carnival competitions.  The troop pulled together each morning to get our campsite clean and looking good so that we earned all first-class inspections.  Nice going Troop 75!

Thanks to the five adults who gave up personal vacation time to help out at camp - Bill Davis (who stuck it out all week), John Carlson, Tom O'Brien, Rob Yong, and Chris Boundy.  Without your time and energy this would not have been possible.



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