Cabin fever was a huge success. For the first time we used camp Schiff instead of Baiting Hollow.  The ranger could not have been more accommodating.  Our younger scouts had an opportunity to participate in the camp program and work towards rank advancement in pioneering and cooking. They were busy for the better part of the day.

At 10:00 A.M. we were joined by Webelos from 539.  Many of the boys expressed an interest in joining the troop. They shot air rifles, raised a monkey bridge, and helped prepare dinner. The patrols did an excellent job of cooking.  I wished that the adults' turkey turned out as good as the patrols' food. Next year, adults and Webelos will eat with the patrols. We will also time dinner so that everyone will finish cooking at the same time. This way we can sit down together.

At night we had a fire and distributed our cabin fever patches. Some of the Webelos slept over and others went home at the end of the day. Their reactions to the weekend were great and we hope to get some new Scouts.

Mr. Davis did a great job of putting the weekend together.  Mr. Citrola was in charge of our young guys for the day and helped the patrol leaders keep everyone on task.  Mr. Johnson kept everything together at the cabin and assisted in the preparation of the charcoal fires. Nothing like his organizational skills to get things going. Our older Scouts, led by Mike B, Mike S, Keith, Chris R and Chris C. showed what Troop 75 is all about.

This was, in my opinion, the best cabin fever I ever attended.

- Michael Buono, Scoutmaster



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