On February 23-25, Troop 75 enjoyed a weekend of winter sports at Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills.  On Friday evening, the group of ten Scouts and seven adults arrived at our luxurious heated cabin, which even had hot running water and showers!  The annual troop trip is the one outing of the year where the guys get a break from our usual, more rugged outdoor program. Some enjoyed coffee or hot chocolate at the dining lodge Friday evening before retiring.  Many of the Scouts were wired from the long ride up and were not too quick at getting to sleep.

Despite staying up late on Friday, everyone was up by 7:00 on Saturday to begin a long and fun filled day of winter activities.  We ate breakfast at the dining lodge at 8:00, and then headed off in different directions to enjoy the variety of programs at Frost Valley.  Some went tobogganing while others went cross-country skiing or tubing.  All had a good time, and we returned to the dining lodge around noon for lunch.

After lunch part of our group went snowshoeing.  It was a five mile hike up a snow-covered mountain, and it gave everyone a good workout.  As seasoned backpackers most of our guys are used to hikes of these lengths, but the snowshoes made it a new expereince for everyone.  This was the first hike of any kind, however, for one of our newest Scouts - Nick.  He handled the hike -which got tough at times even with the snowshoes - as well as anyone else.  Nice going, Nick.  He was joined on the hike by fellow Scouts Ken W., Bill D., and Keith J. as well as several of the adult leaders.  Tired from this long but enjoyable showshoe hike, the group returned to the dining lodge around 5:00 and joined the rest of the troop for a roast beef dinner.  The food was decent for cafeteria-style - better than what we're used to at Yawgoog, anyway.

While some of the younger Scouts relaxed in the lodge and played cards in the evening, the troop leadership got together to discuss plans for the troop under our new Senior Patrol Leader, Mike S. Mike outlined his ambitious new plan for the troop, which includes the re-establishment of a venture crew for the older Scouts, a new and more organized program for troop meetings, and a medallions program to help keep our many new boys excited about Scouting.  With two patrols of brand new Scouts and some good boy leadership, the upcoming year looks promising for Troop 75.

The guys got a good night's sleep Saturday and woke up Sunday morning to find that the weather had taken a serious turn for the worse.  Saturday was perfect for winter activities - sunny and in the 30's - but by Sunday morning it had begun to snow and then change to sleet and freezing rain.  For this reason we skipped whatever activities were offered Sunday and hit the road right after breakfast.  The drive home was tough, but the weekend all in all was great!

Here is what patrol leader Chris C. had to say about the weekend...

My brothers and I went to Frost Valley and had a great time. We went hiking and cross country skiing through the many acres of woods. The weather was great because it had just snowed upstate and that made it even more fun. My brothers Leo and Johnathan went tubing, tobogganing and played broom ball on the frozen ice. This was there first trip to Frost Valley and they had a great time. Also the food was very good and that was an added plus. This trip was my second time to Frost Valley and I went cross country skiing and made a mini "Blair Witch" movie with my friends and fellow scouts. We had a great time and I can't wait to do it again next year.



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