Our March outing to nearby Blydenburgh Park was intended as a weekend to break our newest Scouts into the backpacking program.  It was a fun weekend for those who went.  Here is what some of our guide patrol members had to say about the weekend...

Tom O. (Patrol Leader)

"The weather held up nicely and it was a great hike into Blydenburgh to our campsite. It was about a two mile hike. We saw some horeseback riders and for some reason, they got spooked seeing such a large group of scouts (maybe they were afraid we were all going to try and hitch a ride...<grin>). We had great company, a great day and a great time".

Billy D. (Assistant Guide)

"The hike was a nice hike in and out. The weather held up till later in the night when we got some rain. I was happy to see such a large group of new scouts out on thier first hike. These scouts are on thier way to a long and fun time in Troop 75."

Nick S. (first time backpacker)

"On the hike we a good time hiking up".

Nick W. (first time backpacker)

"I had a great time hiking up to our campsite. It was exciting making dinner."

Ryan B. (first time backpacker)

"I had a great time".



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