The Venture Crew trip to Slide Mountain - the highest peak in the Catskills - was a strenuous, intense, and exciting experience for all.  We conquered our weaknesses through perseverance and teamwork, in such acts as ziplining our packs down a 12 foot descent and carrying over 1.5 gallons of water per person. In many instances, we faced small climbs for which we removed our packs and guided one another through rocky passages. Upon arrival at our campsite, all consumed their ramen noodles heartily and got to know one another more personally. Along the way, we met many interesting people from diverse corners of the state and enjoyed breathtaking views of the mountainous skyline, color changing leaves, and nature at its finest hour. The trip was a success. Each and every camper, even though experienced, learned something new about the outdoors, the troop, and each other. We eagerly await the next backpacking trip.

- Pete Amendola, ASM



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