The year's first backpacking trip to Harriman State Park's Bald Rocks was the first major backpacking outing for our newer Scouts.  Some had backpacked in Blydenburgh Park (Smithtown) last spring, but the trails of Harriman present much tougher challenges than those of Long Island.  The hills are steeper and the hikes longer.  Our young Scouts met those challenges with great enthusiasm, however, as they made their way to the Bald Rocks lean-to area on Saturday.  First-year Scout Richard L. describes the trip:

"Everyone had a great time.  We got lost a couple of times on the way there but we made it.  The new Scouts had a great time purifying water.  The hike back was easy and fun."

After the accomplishment on Saturday, as Richard mentioned, the hike out on Sunday was a breeze for most of our Scouts.  Everyone enjoyed some great views and good weather.  It was a great weekend for all!



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