Kings Park Boy Scout Troop 75 started off at 8AM on a 20-mile hike Saturday, March 13, with 20 scouts ready for the long haul on the Pine Barrens trail.  Boy Scouts are always prepared!  We met up with some unusual pitfalls along the way.  One scout left for 25 minutes to enjoy an outdoor “library break” leaving all of the other scouts waiting around!  Some scouts used this opportunity to identify leaves, trees and others a little further down the hiking trail,  found shotgun shells leading to a trail of bones --were they human?  Looked like it!  Our forensic expert, Mr. Knox, put an end to the mystery and explained they were deer bones!

In the final stretch, it began to get dark so the scouts using their good judgment ended the hike at 17.5 miles to the dismay of many scouts who were ready to finish all 20 miles.

 - by Larry R., Troop Scribe



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