We started out 6 AM Saturday morning on our trip to Connecticut.  We arrived and set up our campsite around 9 AM by the river.  By 11 AM, we were in our life vests, received safety instructions on our canoes, and we were off on a canoeing river adventure.  During the first hour, the water was calm until Troop 75 rowed into it.  Water fights ensued and canoes were flipped - but not the Scoutmasterís canoe!  Our Scoutmaster showed his canoeing expertise.

Every flipped canoe was helped back into its proper canoeing position by members of the troop.  At the side of the river half way through the trip a lunch break was enjoyed together with water fun.  The first real rapids were under a covered bridge.  Troop 75 hit the rapids running, or rowing I should say.  Everyone showed their canoeing skills and made it through!  For the evening meal, hamburgers and hot dogs were cooked and served by Scouts.  Watermelon completed the meal and a fun game of manhunt was played.  On the menu for breakfast was egg, ham and cheese sandwiches cooked to perfection by scouts.  After interviewing Scouts, a few complained of bug bites, but others said they had fun canoeing.  Everyone agreed they had a great trip.

 - by Larry R., Troop Scribe



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