On Sunday, July 25, Troop 75 started its adventure to Yawgoog Scout Camp.  We all boarded the Orient Point Ferry to New London and then a camp bus took us to the camp.    Camp Yawgoog awaits our arrival to take advantage of all the fun, adventure, campfires, songs, hikes, merit badges and awards we can enjoy.  After dinner, the troop setup all the essential equipment we would require for our week at camp i.e. a troop tarp, gate way (entrance to the campsite) and tents in Three Point (one of the three major camps of Yawgoog).  Special time each day was set aside for Troop 75 Scouts to get together for group activities. One highlight of Troop time was hiking around majestic Yawgoog Pond.  Scouts climbed up huge rocks for beautiful vista points of the lake.  The magic of Yawgoog was just beginning to enchant first year Scouts and re-enchant veterans to Yawgoog.  Scouts found the hike to the state line between Rhode Island and Connecticut to be a blast.   The swamp trail is a mud-laden obstacle course for the scouts age thirteen and up.  Scouts had mud everywhere you could imagine.  Younger scouts attended a fun-filled free swim.  Another Troop Time highlight had a highflying twist; scouts experienced the A2 high ropes challenge course.  This course is a rope swinging; rock wall-climbing adventure at every height.    Every Scout was long awaiting the War Canoes!  Everyone was very excited…even the adults!  The staff at the Ashaway Aquatics Center gave strict instructions for minimal splashing (seems in years past, the splashing got a little out of hand).  Splash fights were eliminated and so was the fun.  Our long awaited favorite event was somewhat dry and dull this year.  Later that night at dinner was the costume contest.  Troop 75 put their heads and costumes together to create one entry called Tinker-Hook.  Tinker- Hook won a landslide victory.  Troop 75 won first place.  Our last campfire winding down our awesome week at camp was chalk full of scout performed songs and skits. One of our first year Scouts stood up and said that he had figured out the meaning of scouting, “Work together as a team and share the rewards and have fun doing it.”  Wow!  What wise words coming from a young scout.   Like the saying goes, “all fun things must come to an end,” it was time to head home.  We boarded the buses back to the Ferry to home.  Each scout looks forward to our return next year.  Our Scout Master told all the parents how proud he was –“an awesome experience”.  All of Troop 75 had an awesome experience.  Until next year!       

 - by Larry R., Troop Scribe



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