Troop 75 Backpackers Climb to Awesome Overlook!

On November 4, 2004, Troop 75 packed their backpacks and headed off to the Lionís Head section of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut.  We had a wonderful warm, sunny day for our hike from the morning until the end of the day.  (Not like our first attempt at making this hike months before, which was scrubbed due to flash flood warnings and bad weather advisories.)  At the halfway point on the trail was the most awesome overlook ever.  The Lionís Head summit overlook at 1738 feet was magnificent.  We took in the sights -  you could see for miles.   After eating lunch, we continued our hike, hopping over streams and climbing down rocks.  The flat trails were narrow and wooded.  The steeper trails were filled with boulders.  Soon we reached our campsite.  The trails were challenging and we worked together.  Eventually, we settled in and began dinner.  After eating our fill, we gazed at stars and found out how good a good night's sleep really feels.  Having similar weather on the hike down, we made it down to the cars in only a few hours.  Wow!  What an awesome hike. 

- Larry R., Troop Scribe



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