Acquiring the Medicine Merit Badge and Engineering Merit Badge (selected by two scouts) was our mission this year!  First Class Scouts and above were invited to the U.S. Naval Academy Jamboree at Annapolis, Maryland.

The Midshipmen gave us a big welcome.  Classes were held by the Midshipmen, teaching scouts about Engineering and Medicine.  Our meals were in the Naval Academy’s huge mess hall, and the food was good.  Our classes kept us busy and we learned a great deal in our particular areas of study.  Two scouts earned their Engineering Merit Badge while the other scouts earned a partial on the Medicine merit Badge due to an extra requirement that is needed.  We all had a blast.  The weekend was a success.

We extend our appreciation and thanks to our adult leadership for giving up their weekend and driving Troop 75 Scouts to Maryland.

- Larry R., Troop Scribe



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