On January 28-30, 2005, Troop 75 stepped up to the challenge of running Klondike.  Months and months of ideas, planning and work went into our winter Klondike Stations.  Klondike is a competition between the Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts in the Matinecock District.  Our stations were each run by two Scouts who set up, guided, and scored each patrol participating in the Klondike competition.   Troop 75 stations included:  Semaphore Signaling (Scouts signaled a secret code to their patrol), First Aid Race (first aid skills were put to the test under a time limit), Rope Burn (campfire skills were tested), Match Light (Scouts used logic to light a match), Nuclear Isotopes (Scouts used their knot tying skills to move a bucket of water), BSA knowledge (Scout knowledge was put to the test), Chicken Pen (group skills were used to launch the entire patrol out of a 4-foot high rope pen) and Raging Ravine (maze and analyzing skills were put to the test).  After all Scout troops completed the challenging Klondike Stations and all finished dinner, a few of the participating troops joined Troop 75 for a great campfire.  Everyone participated by performing enjoyable skits and songs.  The next day was the sled race.  In heats of two, sleds zoomed around the track.  Some Scouts were up to the challenge and put the pedal to the metal while other Scouts sadly gave up!  The event was a major success.

    We extend our thanks and appreciation to our Scout and adult leadership for their assistance in our success.   



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