On February 12, Troop 75 set off for another hiking adventure.  The crisp cold air on a sunny day set the scene for our hike to Bald Rocks Shelter in Harriman State Park.  The hike was fantastic.  The trail was rocky and icy yet beautiful as it was tree lined and filled with babbling brooks and rushing streams.  As we walked, we spotted deer and tracks other animals.  Wow!  The views were awesome.  On the way up, we took the long way to the shelter.  We passed the trail we originally set out to take and wound up taking a different trail to the campsite, adding some mileage to our trip.  On our alternate route, two scouts and an adult got their feet wet in a rushing stream, which challenged everyone’s skills.  It didn’t stop us from continuing on since “we were prepared”.   Everyone had dry socks, so we continued on our way.  We set camp and ate our dinner with a surprise dessert from one Scout.  After clean up, we had a campfire in the leanto’s fireplace.   Songs were sung, and we even heard Edgar Alan Poe’s poem, “Annabel Lee” recited by one of our very talented scouts.

After a good night’s sleep, we were up and ready to hike back.  All had a wonderful time.   We’re looking forward to our next hike.

- Larry R., Troop Scribe



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