On March 12, 2005 Troop 75 went on its annual 20-mile hike.  Saturday was a cold winter morning, and new heavy snow was carpeting the ground at the trailhead.  That didn’t stop Troop 75 though.  They went from Sunken Meadow to Hidden Pond Park, the northernmost part of the Long Island Greenbelt Trail.  Thirteen Scouts and three adults showed up.  Two of the Scouts were newcomers…Matt B. and PJ H.  Matt completed the whole 20 miles and PJ did 18.  Scouts were able to hike as long as they wanted to.  “Chase cars” met up with the group at certain times so any hikers could bail out or join back in.  The boys enjoyed throwing snowballs and knocking snow off trees onto each other.  It was a challenge finding the white trail markers through all the snow.  Because of slow hiking and the sun setting, it looked like we weren’t going to finish.  But we weren’t going to stop on the 19th mile, so we figured out a way to get the last mile in quickly under streetlights.  Everyone had a good time.

The hike helps Scouts get rank advancement, namely the hiking merit badge.  It also gives hikers the chance to earn more hiking beads.  For every 10 miles hiked they get a red bead.   For 20 miles in one hike they get a gold bead along with the two red beads. 

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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