On April 2nd and April 3rd, Troop 75 went on its annual beginner backpacking campout.  In the forecast, torrential wind-blown rain was predicted for the weekend, causing parents to question whether we’d be going forward with the campout.  When we started there was rain, but then it began to clear up and the winds came in strong.  On this hike, new Scouts learned how to pack a bag, cook dinners, and set up camp.  They also learned how to keep dry, the proper care and use of wood tools, and have a good time at it.  Most kids enjoyed a 2-mile hike into Wolf campsite.  Some had trouble, but had a fun weekend after learning more about packing their packs.  This hike was planned so that if any new Scouts messed up it would be close to home.  They would also be able to learn from any of their mistakes.  When we got to camp, the Scouts set up tarps and tents.  Then the new Scouts learned to use tools in the proper fashion.  Next the boys learned First Aid.  After that, many of the campers went over to inspect Bill D.’s Eagle project.  He had built a lean-to in the Fox campsite.  Next, Scouts went back to camp to cook their dinners.  Everybody had a great meal.  After dinner, the boys cleaned up.  Because of wind and rain the campfire was scrubbed, and “Capture the Flag” was started in a huge field behind the campsite.  Because of good and skilled leadership, everything in camp stayed up including the tarps.  The next day, Scouts took down camp and hiked out 1-mile to the south entrance of Blydenburgh.  At the end of the hike, the Troop conducted its “Thorns and Roses,” a review exercise.  The nine new scouts and two dads got off to a good start with learning how to camp with our troop.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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