On April 13th -15th, Troop 75 of Kings Park went out to conquer the Klugmeister Award at the Matinecock District's second annual Spring Camporee.  The troop arrived at Heckscher State Park on Friday around noon.

All the scouts and adults then hiked their stuff across the field and set up camp with our tents in a U-shaped fashion.  In this camping experience we camped out in a field instead of in the woods.  Scouts enjoyed building camp gadgets to hold backpacks and water bags.  The campsite was on the far side of the field along the tree line.  After that, Scouts enjoyed a delicious dinner.  Then, many Scouts enjoyed playing ball on the field.

The next morning, it was unexpectedly cold with frost on our tents. After breakfast the troop headed down to the opening ceremony.  Then about 18 Scouts went down to a Traffic Safety merit badge class, where 14 Scouts earned the merit badge.  When they came back, Scouts were having fun building log benches and testing the catapult for the contest at 5pm later that evening.

After lunch the Road Runners, Patriots, Vikings, and the Dragons/Greeks left to compete in the six stations:  tomahawk throwing, archery, rock climbing, knot tying, stretcher relay/first aid, and "Save Our Flag" smoke-filled room.  When the patrols returned, Scouts and adults began cooking dinner.

While patrols were cooking many Scouts went to see the catapult's performance at the contest, which combined hurling oranges with points for Scout-made catapults and following the District's design guidelines.  Troop 75 came in 1st place in the contest.  This made Troop 75's spirit boost up like a rocket.

Then every one went back to camp to eat their dinners.  While we were eating Tim R. was baking an angel food cake for the troop's entry to the District's bake-off.  We placed 3rd in this competition.

At night, all the troops came down to the campfire where troops did various different skits.  Then the Order of the Arrow did their callout.  This is when the kids from all of the troops that are eligible and who were elected were called down and were part of a small ceremony.

The next morning, Troop 75 packed up camp and headed up to the closing ceremony.  Here each of our patrols received certificates stating how strong their performances were at each station.  Unfortunately, we did not win the Klugmeister trophy, but were one of the best troops there.  Fortunately, everybody that came along had so much fun at the camporee.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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