On April 29th, 30th, and May 1st Troop 75, Kings Park went on its annual Troop Trip.  This year we decided to go to Williamsburg, VA.  We also visited Yorktown and Jamestown. 

On Friday morning Troop 75 left for this trip.  On the way, we stopped at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, where we had lunch.  We spent about an hour checking out the visitor center before touring the campus.  We then drove to the Coast Guard training center in Yorktown, near the Yorktown Battlefield, where we set up camp.  After that we went to get a late dinner at Hardee's.  All the Scouts loved it, and the adults enjoyed having it once again since it is not on Long Island any more.  When we got back it was getting dark so we decided to start a game of glow stick Capture the Flag. 

The next morning we had breakfast in the base cafeteria.  We then walked around on a small trail through remains of Yorktown Village.  We then got a tour of one of their 41' search and rescue boats in dock.  This was a special invitation and a very special opportunity for the scouts to be on one of these boats.  After that we went to the Yorktown Battlefield visitor center.  There, we got a tour outside where a ranger explained how the battle was fought and the techniques used in the battle.  She also showed us the cannons and mortars used.  Next we went to Colonial Williamsburg where we went on a tour of the historic town.  The tour guide, Minsey, showed us a silversmith shop, jail cells, stocks, gun magazine, the Capitol, and told us the story of Blackbeard.  At the Capital we saw a courtroom where we got to sit in the jury box.  We also saw a map of the colonies that showed Smithtown.  He also taught us a game called Trap Ball.  All the Scouts, and some of the adults, enjoyed playing.  After that we went back the base for a huge dinner followed by a nice swim in the indoor pool.  Some scouts completed their swimming requirements and others raced and sat in the sauna. 

The next morning we took down camp in torrential rain.  Then we ate breakfast.  After that we did a driving tour of Jamestown Island in the light rain where Scouts read the informational signs through the windows.  Then we went into the visitor center.  Luckily the rain stopped, and we walked through the archeological area and saw remains of the old town.  Before we left we saw an old glass works and then saw a newer running glass works.  Here we got to watch artisans blow glass.  After Jamestown we left for home.  On the trip home we drove along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  Everybody thought that having a big store in the middle was so cool.  With terrible traffic and a couple of meal stops, we got home just after midnight. 

Everyone had so much fun on this trip, especially the great food at the Coast Guard base.  We would certainly choose to go back again.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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