On May 14th, 2005, Troop 75 of Kings Park conquered the Delaware River on its annual canoe trip.  One thing that was different was that at the Housatonic River, they weren't releasing water from the dam so we were unsure if there could be enough water to canoe, so the PLC decided instead to go to the Delaware River, near 10 Mile River Scout Reservation in upstate New York.  On Saturday, Troop 75 left for the trip and drove to the outfitters.  In each canoe there were 2 people, a bailer, a dry bag, and many people had kneepads.  About 15 minutes after we set off, we stopped for lunch on some very big, smooth, flat rocks along the Delaware.  We then set off again down stream.  We pulled in after 10 miles.  Everyone liked the rapids especially
when the front man had to call out all the rocks so the back man could steer around them.  Scouts and adults had fun splashing and drenching themselves.  The Scoutmaster and his son were tipped into the water by an over-enthusiastic Scout.  We performed a T-rescue to flip their canoe right side up.  10 scouts and 7 adults came on the Canoe trip.  Mr. Davis took pictures along the way.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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