On September 17th and 18th Troop 75 Kings Park, NY went to hike to the West Mountain Shelter.  On the hike one adult leader got sick and had to go back with another leader.  When we were almost at the campsite many scouts were out of water and very thirsty.  When we got there we set up camp and everyone set out looking for water to purify.  We were not very successful at this.  So we purified out of small puddles.  We went back to camp and started dinner.  Many patrols could not have their whole entire meal due to lack of water.  Two patrols cleverly made two "water catchers" in hope of rain.  We heard much thunder that day and it was going to rain.  The next morning we woke up to no water.  We packed up camp and got 5 oz. of water each for the hike out.  It was a long hike out.  Everybody made it out fine.  We were glad to see our adult leader who got sick to be there when we got back.  He and another leader came with a carload of water and Gatorade. Everyone seemed to have had a good time despite our lack of water.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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