On October 22 and 23, Troop 75, Kings Park went to Webelos Woods.  We set up camp on Friday in a big field at Heckscher State Park.  Next we began to set up an entrance way to our campsite.  We then started to lash together the X trestles to our monkey bridge.  The next morning we drove in the bridge anchors, tied the ropes, and then pulled it up.  We took about 2 hours to set up the bridge.  After that, we attended opening ceremonies at 9:00 am.  Next, the Webelos began to arrive at our station.  As they came, we welcomed them and talked to them about our troop.  After that, they were guided across the monkey bridge.  That day was very cold and rainy.  Other than the weather, everything that weekend was great.  During lunch, our troop and our neighboring hometown troop, 539, enjoyed a game of football.  After lunch we got back to work and Devin was under the tarp to hand kids flyers.  He was so well hidden in his rain jacket that when he moved it startled all the kids.  We had a laugh about that.  Unfortunately, later that day, the district - keeping the Webelos in mind - sent everyone home due to the weather.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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