On January 7th, 2006, Troop 75 yet again set out to hike in Harriman.  On Saturday morning we gathered and loaded up the cars.  At the trailhead we geared up and set out with Johnny S. navigating the group.  On the way up we enjoyed talking and laughing.  We ate lunch at the Lemon Squeezer, which is a huge V-shaped rock formation.  Then we began to hike again.  Later in the day we were trying to find the blue trail but did not succeed.  So we made do with a campsite in between two small hills.  Scouts and adults set up camp and began to cook dinner.  The next morning we found the trail and continued on.  We got to many beautiful overlooks where it was very windy.  Many of the younger Scouts had trouble because we were climbing steep hills.  We got back to the cars in good time.  Everybody then joined in on our "Thorns and Roses".  Everybody had a great time playing in the snow that was on the ground, except for one Scout who slipped on the ice and was cut on his forehead.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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