On April 1st through 2nd, Troop 75 yet again set out on their annual Blydenburgh camping trip.  The weekend started out great.  It was sunny and we had a nice easy going hike up.  At camp, first we flipped all the picnic tables over because in the mountains we don't have picnic tables.  After that we gathered around the fire pit to learn and teach fire safety to the younger scouts. Then we started building fires, which was fun.  While we were doing this it started to pour.  Many kids went running for their rain jackets.  This was actually quite fun.  After all the rain was done we went into the field and learned to find a distance across something like a chasm without crossing it.  Then we started cooking.  All the meals looked good.  After dinner when it was getting dark we decided to play capture the flag with glow sticks.  This was one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip, many Scouts said.  The next morning we tried a method called "The Shadow Stick Method" for figuring out direction using only the sun and sticks.  We then packed up and had an easy way out just like on Saturday.  This was a great way of getting the new scouts ready for our real hikes up in the mountains.

- Richard L., Troop Scribe



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