It was a blustery day at Webelos Woods on Friday, October 20.  So windy in fact that the event had to be held in the woods.  Setting up tents in the harsh wind turned out to be much harder than anticipated.  Flapping ground cloths and tents made a hard night's work.  Later that night Troop 75 set up the X-tresses for the monkey bridge and then made a campfire.  Despite the wind, a small group of Scouts went to the field to stargaze.

Next morning, Cub Scouts flocked to Troop 75's Monkey Bridge.  The work was hard but few people fell and all were welcome.  Around midday a lashing on one of the X-tresses fell apart.  Quickly and expertly Troop 75 re-lashed it.  Luckily there were no causalities.  At the end of the day Mrs. O'Rourke brought some donuts for the hard working Scouts who were taking apart the monkey bridge.

- Dan O., Troop Scribe



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