Even though only a small number of people showed up for the Harriman hike, it was still a fun and challenging adventure.  Four scouts and four adults hiked over 8 miles of treacherous terrain and windswept peaks.  There were numerous scenes of nature all around us.  There were flooded caves, a sparkling lake, two hawks and even a deer.  We tented on the peak of a mountain and pumped water from a stream.  At night we cooked delicious tacos with cheese and vegetables.  The next day we took down our tents and set back onto the trail.  We reached The Timp and started downward.  On the way we met fellow hikers and greeted each other.  We kept working our way downward jumping from rock to rock and moving foot by foot, mile by mile.  In the last segment the scouts ran pell-mell to the parking lot.  It had been a challenging hike and all who did it deserve a pat on the back.

- Dan O., Troop Scribe



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