On January 26, Troop 75 - made up of 15 scouts and 5 adults - went to attend Klondike 2007 which was being held in West Hills County Park.  After a mile and a half walk between the cars and our campsite, we lay our gear on the ground and set up our tents.  After a piping hot brew of hot cocoa,  Troop 75 retired to their tents. The next day, Troop 75 went to the field to try their skills at the grueling events.  There was ''Captain Kidd's Revenge,'' in which we ran a stretcher relay.  Along with that there was ''Light the Cannon Fuse,'' a fire building contest.  By far, the largest event was the Sled Race.  Using our own RoadRunner cart, we made mincemeat out of our opponents.  We sped along the track, leaving our opponents in the dust.  Though we had tried, Troop 75 had not won the Spirit Trophy. Not all was bad, however.  Anthony had won us the Soup Trophy, a truly great achievement.  Though we had failed to obtain the Spirit Trophy, the campers went home happy and content.  After all, there will always be next year.

- Dan O., Troop Scribe



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