Over Winter Break, Troop 75 went to Frost Valley.  There we found comfortable accommodations, which included bunks, a bathroom, and heating.  Afterwards we headed down to the dining hall to play board games and drink delicious hot chocolate to our hearts content.  We then retired to our bunks for a good night's sleep.  The next day we rallied at the dining hall, ate breakfast and went on our separate paths to enjoy the day's activities. There was broomball, ice fishing, floor hockey, cross country skiing, and many other things to keep a scout busy.  During the day we would retire to the dining hall to eat lunch, dinner, and to gorge ourselves on hot chocolate.  At night, we had a snowball fight until some instructors visited us and we went "night tubing."  The next day we had one last chance to do any of the activities we had not been able to do earlier.  After lunch we drove back home and all the way we reminisced about our fun-filled trip. 

 Daniel O., Troop Scribe



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