Meals on Campouts

Friday dinner:  In most cases, Scouts should eat dinner before leaving home.  On long trips where we leave in  late afternoon, there may be a fast-food dinner stop on the road.  This is announced at the troop meeting before the trip.

Saturday breakfast:  Depending on length of trip, Scouts either eat before leaving home or bring money for a fast-food stop on the road.  For Friday night departures, patrol usually provides food unless otherwise announced.

Saturday lunch:  With few exceptions, Scouts must pack a bagged lunch for Saturday.

Saturday dinner:  Always provided by troop or patrol.

Sunday breakfast:  On backpacking trips, Scouts must pack their own cold breakfast to eat on the trail.  On other campouts, breakfast is provided by the troop or patrol.

Sunday lunch:  On long trips off of Long Island, there is usually a fast-food stop for lunch (Scouts should bring money).  On shorter trips, Scouts are home in time for lunch.


Scouts usually take turns buying their patrol's food.  Each Scout may be asked to shop for his patrol at some point during the year. The menu will be made up by the entire patrol at the troop or patrol meeting prior to the trip. To determine the cost for each Scout, divide the total cost of the food by the number of Scouts going on the trip. Each Scout is required to pay his share immediately. The person doing the shopping should have no out-of-pocket expenses other than for his own food.


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