Patrol Equipment

Each Scout will be required to carry part of his patrol's equipment. They will be personally responsible for it for the entire trip.  Upon its return, all equipment should be in the same condition in which it was issued.  For example, Scouts should make sure that any pots or utensils are cleaned and that tents are aired out.  The troop will not accept equipment back if it is not in good condition.

In addition, Scouts who are carrying a tent should check to make sure that all its pieces are there and in satisfactory condition before bringing it on the trip. It is a good idea to set up the tent at home to make sure it's in good shape.  If there is a problem with the tent, Scouts should see the quartermaster before we leave for the trip.  There will be nothing the troop can do for somebody who, for example, is stuck on a mountain in a thunderstorm without a rain fly.

In addition to equipment provided by the troop, Scouts are required to bring some things from home for patrol use.  These are listed on the Gear and Clothing List.


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