Personal Equipment

There are certain items that Scouts are required to carry on all campouts.  Clothing, obviously, depends on the time of year.  Click here for the Gear and Clothing List, which lists personal equipment and clothing that is required for campouts.  Read on for further guidelines about packing for campouts...

Scouts should not bring any breakable items on campouts. Items that can be damaged by water should be sealed in zip-lock bags. All clothing should be protected in this manner. The troop does not allow any electronic devises on campouts (walkmen, video games, etc.) nor does it permit carbonated beverages or excessive amounts of other junk food.

On backpacking trips, it is advised that Scouts not bring extra things that are not really needed. They will just add weight to the pack. Also, Scouts should avoid wearing cotton on any outing since it is very slow to dry. Jeans, especially, should never be worn.

See an adult leader for information on where to buy equipment and what type is the best. You can spend a fortune on gear that will fall apart on its first use. There are some important tips you should know.

Patrol leaders will assist Scouts in properly packing their packs and offer more detailed information than is provided here.  Packs will most likely be inspected by patrol leaders and/or the senior patrol leader before backpacking trips to ensure that Scouts are prepared properly for an enjoyable weekend. Dressing and packing right are key to a successful outing in any weather.

Click here for some additional packing tips.


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