For most activities, we travel as a troop, departing from the Key Food parking lot on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Scouts are responsible for securing their own rides prior to the trip.  Saturday departures are usually early - sometimes as early as 5:00 AM and never later than 7:00 AM.

The troop returns from off-island activities on Sunday afternoon.  The time varies greatly, but it is almost certain that Scouts will be home by dinnertime.  Parents need not worry about picking their sons up since they will be dropped off at home.  For on-island trips, parents will be notified as to what time to pick up their sons.  It is usually around or just before noon.

Parents:  We need your help!!!

We are always in need of drivers for off-island activities.  The adult leaders can take some Scouts, but we usually come up short.  Unless parents help out, there is a possibility that some Scouts will have to be left home. (It has happened in the past!)  If you can drive, either one way or both ways, for any off-island event, see the Scoutmaster at least two weeks prior to the trip.  Also, parents are always welcome to camp with the troop if they are driving both ways.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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