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During the summer of 2003, a crew of five Scouts and six adults attended New Mexico's Philmont Scout Ranch for a twelve-day backpacking trek through the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains.  It was a truly unforgettable experience for all who went.  Scouts were Keith J., Chris Ci., Billy D., Chris R., and Dan S.  Adult advisors included John Carlson, Pete Amendola, Chris Boundy, Mike Buono, Jr., Steve Johnston, and Rob Yong.

Crew Member Articles:
Keith Johnston    Chris Citrola    Billy Davis    Dan Schantz    Mr. John Carlson


bullet Sun 7/20 - Day one in Colorado
bullet Mon 7/21 - Day two in Colorado
bullet Tue 7/22 - Base Camp
bullet Wed 7/23 - Base Camp, Lover's Leap
bullet Thu 7/24 - Urraca
bullet Fri 7/25 - Backache Springs
bullet Sat 7/26 - Zastrow
bullet Sun 7/27 - Fish Camp, Aqua Fria
bullet Mon 7/28 - Crooked Creek
bullet Tue 7/29 - Clear Creek
bullet Wed 7/30 - Mt. Phillips, Cypher's Mine, Lambert's Mine
bullet Thu 7/31 - Cimarroncito, Webster Parks
bullet Fri 8/1 - Clark's Fork
bullet Sat 8/2 - Tooth of Time, Base Camp

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