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In July 2008, five Scouts and four adults attended New Mexico's Philmont Scout Ranch for a twelve-day backpacking trek through the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains.  It was a truly unforgettable experience for all who went. Scouts were Tom F., Kyle K., Richard L., Dan O., and Anthony T.  Adult advisors included Mark Lowen, Mike Falletta, Kevin Knox, and Anthony Trobiano.
Crew Member Article:
Dan O.


bullet Mon 6/30 - Day one in Colorado
bullet Tue 7/1 - Day Two in Colorado
bullet Wed 7/2 - Base Camp
bullet Thu 7/3 - Base Camp, Lover's Leap
bullet Fri 7/4 - Crater Lake
bullet Sat 7/5 - Black Mountain
bullet Sun 7/6 - Beaubien
bullet Mon 7/7 - Beaubien, Trail Peak
bullet Tue 7/8 - Porcupine, Crooked Creek
bullet Wed 7/9 - Clear Creek, Mt. Phillips
bullet Thu 7/10 - Mt. Phillips, Cypher's Mine
bullet Fri 7/11 - Cimarroncito, Hunting Lodge, Hidden Valley
bullet Sat 7/12 - Clark's Fork, Tooth Ridge
bullet Sun 7/13 - Tooth of Time, Base Camp
bullet Mon 7/14 - Heading Home

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