Directions for Submitting Pictures to Website

Many people have asked about how to get their digital pictures from troop events onto our website.  Everyone’s pictures are welcome!  If you would like to see YOUR pictures on the web, please follow the guidelines below to make the uploading process as smooth as possible.  Please email questions to the webmaster.


1)     Open photo-editing software.

2)     Open picture file using that software.

3)     Before proceeding, please make sure it’s a quality picture that is worthy of posting on the website and not repetitive of another picture that you are submitting.  Please “weed out” lower-quality or repetitive pictures ahead of time.

4)     Resize the image to pixel width of 800 or less.  (It is usually in the thousands to start.)  How to do this varies from program to program, but it’s usually pretty easy.  The height doesn’t matter, but just make sure that when you adjust the width, the height reduces proportionally so that the picture isn’t stretched out.  If it doesn’t do this automatically, look for an option that says “maintain aspect ratio” or something similar.

5)     Once the image is resized, “Save As” the smaller image under a new filename so that you can keep your original, larger sized version for yourself.  Don’t worry about what you name it, as long as it’s different from the original.

6)     Repeat steps 2 - 5 for each picture that you would like posted.

7)     After all pictures are resized and saved under new names, attach the files to an email and send to our Junior Webmaster. (Contact an adult lead for his e-mail address if needed.)  Add picture files just like you would add any other file attachment to an email.  Most email applications make this easy, and they usually let you attach more than one file at a time.

That’s it!  Thanks for contributing to our growing collection of Troop 75 photos!  Again, feel free to email any questions to the webmaster.